Our Story

A food experience designed for delivery and prepared
fresh just for you

Food delivery has become a bigger part of our lives in recent years. It’s something we’ve come to rely on to stay connected to the world and flavors we love. But as we’ve seen the food delivery world expand, there has been more focus on the convenience and less focus on the quality of the food as it travels to your door. When you’re ordering delivery, you’re inviting a restaurant into your most intimate space. And you deserve an experience that will delight every time.

At LET’S EAT!, we approach the food delivery experience differently – from the ground up. Our cloud-kitchen lets us put the focus on quality, taste and value with dishes specifically designed for delivery without sacrificing any flavor or quality. It’s a true collaboration between our taste-obsessed chefs, foodie founders, and genius food technologists.

Each menu is the brainchild of a chef skilled in that specific cuisine. From sushi to pasta, curry to salad, you can trust that your dish was prepared fresh to order with care and attention. Everything is made with the highest quality ingredients from our most trusted suppliers. While each LET’S EAT! menu offers a different style cuisine, they are all united by a commitment to goodness at the core.

So whatever your reason for ordering delivery – to relax after a long day at work, to make memories with family and friends, or to indulge in a bit of much-needed self-care – we are here to deliver happiness. Whether ordering your old favorites or trying something new, our consistent flavors and quality will keep you coming back for more.

For us, food isn’t just fuel. It’s passion in edible form.

Brighten up your day and order food you love.


Brand Values

Quality Control

Only the best for family.

  • High-quality ingredients used in each recipe.
  • Trusted network of suppliers source our ingredients.
  • Freshly cook each dish to order.

& Development

Great things take time and a passionate team.

  • Specialized head chefs for each cuisine lead recipe development.
  • Months of recipe trials and taste tests goes into each dish on our menu.

Value For Money

Passing on cloud kitchen benefits to you.

  • Generous servings.
  • High-quality ingredients, and superior taste, we ensure our customers get the most bang for their buck.


Keeping you safe is our top priority.

  • HACCP certified kitchens that abide international and local food safety practices.
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